Specialized in Thai criminal law and international law, we guarantee your defense regardless of offenses or crimes (forgery, narcotics, drug trafficking, crimes, killings, assassinations, scams, etc ... ).

Our law firm is an expert in criminal law and has specialized in the defense of foreign nationals facing the Thai courts and justice system. Our lawyers work exclusively in this branch of the law. We are a reputed firm in Phuket in the criminal field. The excellence and rigor in fulfilling our duty helped us become some of the leading law firm for criminal cases on the behalf of the Embassies and Consulates in Thailand. We offer group work. Each case is submitted to several specialists who, after analyzing the case, decide the best defense strategies. Thanks to this control system; there is no room for error. The advanced, decisions and results are communicated to our clients in their language and in full transparency. We work together and provide a large range of certified translators. How we work and our specialized experience in criminal field, we can guarantee the success of our clients and the best cost.

We are aiming to provide high quality legal consultancy, support and results for your legal issues.