Our fields of expertise

Our team of specialists and experts will provide you with dedicated and professional service to any offences you may be charged with or victim of.

Criminal Law

  • Drug related offences: possession/resale/trafficking
  • Property related offences: cheating and fraud/trespassing/misappropriation
  • Liberty and reputation related offences: defamation/disclosure of secrets
  • Counterfeit and alteration related offences: currencies/seals, stamps, tickets/ electronic cards
  • Life and body integrity related offences: causing death/bodily harm/abortion
  • Traffic related offences: DUI/Reckless driving causing death, bodily injuries, affecting third party’s property

Civil Law

  • Property ownership related disputes
  • Rental agreement related disputes
  • Traffic collateral damages claims
  • Debt recovering related disputes
  • Intellectual property related claims
  • Various contracts/agreements related disputes

Family Law

  • Marriage specific agreement
  • Divorce legal procedure
  • Children custody
  • Paternity recognition
  • Will and succession enforcement

Corporate Law/services

  • Accounting / Auditing
  • Thai Company setup
  • Work permit
  • Corporate licensing
  • Working Visa (nonB), Retirement Visa, marriage Visa etc…
  • Land and companies due diligence
  • Property transfers and registration

Notary services

  • Attestation of signature done BEFORE notaries attorney
  • Certifying TRUE COPY
  • Attestation of photos of a person
  • Administrating an Oath and affirmation
  • Testimony and Oath and affirmation (Affidavit)
  • Attestation of address
  • Confirmation of Birthday
  • Certified Correct Translation
  • Attestation of will and succession acts