Civils cases in Thailand

Many aspects og the law under this category but basically the Civil Lawsuit will be regarding at every aspect of the law conducted by agreement or contract. Most of contractual agreements and the eventual domages caused by the breach of it will be regulated by the Thai civil law. Noted that every evidence or documents provided have to be presented to the court in a certified Thai translation. The list of matters falling into the civil lwa is very large: Divorce, Child custody, Business agreement, Property and land issues, Loan reimbursement, and many more agreement related issues. For most of the Civil issues the court will normally try offer settlement between both parties. If no agreement can be found the court will hand out a decision mainly based on documents and effective proves to clearly state the matter of the conflict, therefor the court decision will most likely be in favour of the party which can present most effective documents showing their good faith. The length of Civil Matters can vary from one case to another, if both parties can offer a solid defense and documentation to support it some matters can fought over couple years. Obviously the range of matters included in the Civil Law section is so wide and large that answers and information has the advised case by case by our lawyer team.