Criminal Cases in Thailand

According to the Thai Justice system; Criminal cases are to be reported for most cases to the local police station (the location where the crime occurred); The criminal offenses represent all the offences where criminal law is involved; the victims are represented by Prosecutor or office of Attorney General. .

When citizen is victim of a crime and reports it to the local police station, the police duty inspector will lead investigation by collecting evidences and hearing victims and witnesses of the related crime. Further on the Police Duty Inspector will process the criminal case to the Attorney General office, the prosecutor according to the police report and hearings and evidences will filled the complaint accordingly to the court and will represent the law trough out the criminal procedure. In some case criminal complaint can be filled directly at the court by a lawyer on the behalf of the victims. The option is rare and leaves all costs of the criminal procedures to the victim. The final decision over a criminal case is left to the judge as in Thailand there is no Jury system. The court will hear the victim and the defendant and will hand out a decision according to law. On the defendant side, after the victim made a complaint the defendant will be heard by the duty inspector for that hearing the defendant can seek the assistance of his/her lawyer. Defendant has the right keep silent during the Police Duty Inspector interview and keep his/her argument for the court. The defendant can be detained at the local police station for a maximum period of time of 48h, before being presented at the court. Also for most criminal offences the defendant will be given the opportunity of bail in order to be free to wait for his/her trial..